Saturday, January 4, 2014

Born Again

I dreamt I awakened
at your side—
thin film of a sheet
cool against my skin

light the color of
water spilled
through the shade,
broke like rain

against the curve of
your body, shattering the
mask I wear. sharp,
intake of breath

like that time you
surprised me in
the elevator; opening
my eyes to

beauty, right
there in four square
walls. your rounded,
bare shoulder dappled

in liquid light as you
slept. I reached out
and touched the
heat of your arm

traced the curve
of your  face.
when you opened
your eyes

the world was new
and the light of
creation spilled from
your irises

everything was new
everything was new


Maureen said...

So lovely, Laura.

Linda@Creekside said...

oh . wow

Jody Ohlsen Collins said...

beautiful. God makes all things new. again and again.

HisFireFly said...

love this picture of love

Mary Bonner said...


amyscanderson said...

love that—everything was new

Sylvia R @ said...

So beautiful, and resonating deeply with me... because lately I experienced similar thoughts and feelings, on returning to our bed after a 3-week self-imposed exile to keep my own from catching my ailment. Thank you for your shining imagery.

Laura Boggess said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, Sylvia. Maybe it's true--the absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or maybe we just need to step back sometimes, to appreciate what we usually hold so close.

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Lyli Dunbar said...

I suddenly have a strong desire to turn off this laptop and find myself some similar inspiration.... :)